Independence through Application

One Person’s small step is another’s Great Journey

This weekend our men’s program went on a small adventure, for some the adventure wasn’t so small. We all have situations in our life that challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone. All of our clients share that there are challenges that they must overcome in order to move forward. For some it is maintaining their sobriety, some it is discussing and dealing with their feelings, others its just getting unplugged and into the world. All deal with breaking old habits and starting new and healthier habits.

We talk a lot about processes in programing, but all that means is doing something over and over until it becomes part of the culture. We work constantly with our clients talking about their goals and how can we start habits, small actions, that will help them get closer to “their ideal self.” Some days are good, some are a struggle. Each choice is an opportunity to move closer to fulfilling their dream. As I write this, it is with a smile because one of our clients literally took thousands of small steps to his dream. With the help of his peers and mentors, climbed over a thousand steps this weekend! Building a healthier future on small successes is the one ways Brightstone Transitions helps prepare our clients.  Learn more at Brightstone’s Website

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