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Below is one of our client’s write up about a local visit to a craft show in Atlanta. This is first published piece and we are proud to post!

When I heard about the possibility of going to a craft fair, I was very excited. I’m a huge fan of just about any artistic medium, including many that are rarely considered art, but have an artistic essence of their own. A craft fair shows countless varieties of arts and artists all in one place, with hugely different styles and materials and more in each booth. It’s hardly a surprise when I find something I like at one of these shows. In fact, I found several dozen booths full of things I liked this time.


Woodturning, woodcarving, stonework, porcelain, pottery, metalwork, furniture, scrap sculptures, a dozen varieties of clothing, and so much more were there, most with the artist standing or sitting nearby, open for conversation and eager to display their art. As an introvert, I didn’t openly engage in conversation too often, but that allowed me to see nearly everything in the center… And there certainly was a lot to see.


Going over everything I liked would take hours and a dozen pages, but I can certainly give a few highlights, like the crafting section, where people were making new pieces right there in front of us, using a half dozen different machines and devices, like the woodturning lathe, the pottery wheel, and others. I, being a particular fan of lathes, went there a couple times to watch the woodturning. I even have a card from one of the guys working there who I may be able to take lessons from! (I do hope I get that opportunity, and that he’s not too far away, as I’ve been wanting to try it for quite a while, and never had the opportunity.)


There was a ‘Found Object Robot’ (Fobot) display, which I found particularly interesting, with each robot having a distinct personality, and every single one having a golden heart, either inside of it, or held somewhere. You could really tell how much time and thought went into each one, and how their pieces created their character.


The last one I’ll go over (Despite there being so many more I liked) was a wood toy shop. It had some complex pieces, taking time and effort to craft a replica of a car or a train from wood, and then there were smaller, simpler pieces, like a little car that rolls down a ramp, then, when it drops off the little ledge at the end, flips over and then gets right back to its wheels, a simple toy that is oddly enjoyable for a reason you can’t quite place. And, of course, the ever-enjoyable tops, spinning, some more colorful than others, but all fun.


There were more traditional pieces, of course, and jewelry, and all sorts of other things, but most of it isn’t really something I can just explain, or even that can be seen. Some things, like a steampunk shop we saw (Particularly fun), have things like bells which you have to hear in-person, otherwise… it’s just not the same.
In any case, I truly enjoyed the experience, and I’m glad we managed to go there. I even hope that sometime we go to another crafts fair or something similar, as I’m bound to find something else that interests me just as much.


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