Cold Water Fun

Recently Brightstone Transitions was challenged by Camp Mendocino’s director Rebecca Randall to compete in the cold water challenge. Camp Mendocino is located in a redwood forest just east of the coastal town of Fort Bragg, CA. It is a part of the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco and is where inner city youth from the Bay Area can get out of the city and spend 10 days enjoying nature and truly experience awesome things. To learn more about it and to donate visit their webpage here: Camp Mendocino.

After trying to come up with something Epic, we talked about trying to get the Atlanta Aquarium to let us use one of their tanks(the one with the penguins!) and then even briefly discussed a plan that would cost over $1,000 and would include a GO Pro and an excavator(very brief discussion). Epic was our goal, we wanted to raise awareness and have a lot of fun. We also wanted to show our clients that follow through of an idea, helping others, and work can be a great time! We decided that we needed to hype this, so we got a phone and got goofy. Below are our hype videos, just a warning, we probably will not win any directing or acting awards:

Below is a link to our Video challenge:


Brightstone Transitions Challenged


Brightstone Accepting the Challenge


ColdWaterChallenge Logo

Brightstone getting down on the Challenge!









Hype Videos


Morning Lead Up






Moments before the Cold Water Challenge

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