Men’s House Relocated to Lake Lanier

Brightstone Transitions is proud to announce the opening of our new men’s program house. After four years on top of a beautiful mountain, our Men’s program has moved down to be on the shores of Lake Lanier, 40 miles North of Atlanta. We have found a new home that allows our clients the peacefulness and serenity they enjoy, but with convenience to the schools and resources that North Georgia has to offer. Our clients now enjoy almost double the square footage with the same individualized programing as before. We still only have six clients at a time in either our Men’s or Women’s houses.

Brightstone is a Young Adult Transition program located outside of Atlanta. We specialize in that young Woman or Man with high anxiety, the concrete thinker that struggles socially. That usually comes with a diagnosis of NLD, Asperger’s, high functioning ASD, or the that socially awkward HDAD client.

Our driving principle is “Independence through Application,” this is where we focus on helping our clients take their large goals and put them in manageable logical steps. This allows us to help create momentum through several small successes to help them start building confidence and moving forward in their life.  Please contact Jason Cox at or visit our website at

Men's House Living room

Men’s House Living room

Men's House Bedroom

Men’s House Bedroom

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