Brightstone Transitions is an innovative coaching and mentoring program for young men and women, ages 18 to 26. We offer a common sense, down to earth approach that is designed to assist young adults in reaching their potential. We offer highly individualized programming which provides opportunities for  young adults to develop self-awareness and self-respect. Our dedicated team supports students in their quest for independent living skills, personal growth and emotional maturity.

Brightstone specializes in creating a customized support program for young people needing help through mentoring. Brightstone uses an Independence Through Application approach.  This approach creates learning opportunities through real life situations. Our participates move beyond program centered activities and, with guidance from mentors, they obtain employment, learn the power of volunteerism, enroll in college or technical school, and learn what it means to be truly self sufficient.

We will work collaboratively with the established mental health professionals, independent providers, and families during the young adult’s stay. Maintaining  family contact and other obligations pertinent to the young adult’s plan of care and treatment.

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