Why Brightstone?

Brightstone Transitions is personalized for each client. The program will only admit clients on a rolling basis in order to foster an environment that will serve to better each individual in the program. This allows our team to truly put together an individual program that focuses on each person’s unique needs. Each client’s journey looks different. Brightstone built a structure into the program; however, nothing is contrived. We believe that teaching skills and then allowing our mentors to coach in the moment is the best way to help our young adults learn the skills necessary to thrive. We practice  “independence through application” for all of our clients.

For young adults who have become “stuck” at home, school or in a treatment setting, Brightstone Transitions provides an opportunity to step back and truly look inward before continuing to move forward in the individual journey.

Young adults often reach a point in the treatment process when they meet barriers at home or at school. For some this means it is often easier to choose to physically run away or mentally and emotionally detach. For others it can look like defiance or they are fighting against every intervention.  At this point, providing the young adult with a change in environment can be the catalyst to move forward.

Brightstone Transitions provides continual support for those young adults seeking to continue their educational journey. Whether the young adult is seeking a traditional college degree or seeking the opportunities provided from a specific technical degree, Brightstone Transitions provides support. The staff utilizes coaching and mentoring techniques to assist the young adult in his or her journey.

Brightstone specializes in creating a customized support program for young people needing help through mentoring. Brightstone uses an action oriented approach that creates learning opportunities through real life situations. Our participates move beyond program centered activities and with guidance from mentors, they obtain employment, learn the power of volunteerism, enroll in college or technical school, and learn what it means to be truly self sufficient.

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