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Cast Your Vote

Every year we start off Halloween with some bragging rights. Early this month we had a cook off and while everyone was waiting for there turn in the kitchen we started decorating our pumpkins.           Vote…

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Help get them to the Special Olympics

  Watch, Share, Donate…doesn’t have to be in that order! If you can’t donate share, but donate. This is a video about Brecht Stables & Dustin’s Place trying to take 8 special needs kids to the Special Olympics! They need…

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The Parent Trap

Having worked with children and adults who have learning differences for many years, I have witnessed this same scenario play out between parents and their child. Parents are full of hope and expectations for their child. At some point, they…

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That is what family is about: Lessons from the Women’s House

Background: Here at Brightstone Transitions we pride ourselves on our individual approach. We ask every new client and ourselves; how can we design a plan to each young women or young man best needs? Throughout our three years, there have…

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Cold Water Fun

Recently Brightstone Transitions was challenged by Camp Mendocino’s director Rebecca Randall to compete in the cold water challenge. Camp Mendocino is located in a redwood forest just east of the coastal town of Fort Bragg, CA. It is a part…

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