Life Skills

Our clients here at Brightstone Transitions learn the life skills critical to independence in two distinct methods through education and life experiences.  Brightstone Transitions provides clients with classes that teach participants life skills such as proactive social skills, money management, study skills and job skills. Brightstone also provides participants life skills experientially with support from mentoring staff.

Our young adult clients receive instruction in planning and preparation of nutritionally balanced meals and instruction in how to create a shopping list connected to the weekly meal plan. Weekly shopping trips are an opportunity for staff to coach our clients on managing a food budget and selecting foods according to pre-developed menus. Our young adults also receive instruction and guidance in establishing and living within a budget. All expenses and spending are closely monitored by Brightstone Transitions mentors, and our young adults are held accountable for all expenses with receipts being required for all purchases.

Brightstone Transitions participants are expected to obtain and maintain employment. Through the life skills curriculum, young adults learn job procurement skills, resume writing, and job application and interviewing skills. Brightstone staff work with students on an individual basis to find an appropriate job placement and monitor work attendance and performance. Students participate in community service and/or volunteer at local establishments prior to obtaining employment.

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