Brightstone Transitions tailors each of our client’s programs to their individual needs. Each young adult’s program consists of intentional components designed to address presenting strengths as well as areas of growth. These components are organized into an individualized weekly schedule focusing on three main areas for each young adult: Social Integration, Secondary Education, and Meaningful Employment.

Each of our clients are empowered to create their own schedule based on individual needs. This allows our young adults to maintain ownership in their daily structure instead of having their schedule dictated for them. For example, a young adult attending college full-time would design their weekly schedule around classes. Their class schedule may only allow minimal time for volunteering and no time for employment. A client who is not in school may work twenty or more hours per week and participate in regular social groups. Every client is different, therefore, schedules are designed to intentionally address the specific needs of the individual.

Brightstone believes in teaching and educating our young adults. Each client is taught to implement structure into their own lives. We believe in treating young adults with respect and dignity in order to help them move beyond our program into their own autonomy. Our goal is to be the last program our young adults need.

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