Women’s Program

There are three platforms in which women at Brightstone can learn the necessary skills for building and maintaining healthy relationships:

Individual therapy: Upon arrival at Brightstone, each young woman is asked to choose a local therapist to work with. The clinical director at Brightstone can help guide this process, but the young woman is encouraged to find the therapist she feels most comfortable with in order to establish a strong therapeutic alignment. She will then be asked to schedule regular therapy sessions throughout her stay at Brightstone.

Psycho-Educational Groups: The women’s house at Brightstone Transitions offers a weekly psycho-educational group focused on building and maintaining healthy relationships. The intention of this group is to learn healthy relational skills and strategies, practice healthy boundaries, and engage in a safe community environment where they are able to voice their emotions and frustrations surrounding unhealthy, one-sided relationships. Our young women are empowered to advocate for their needs and engage in mutually beneficial relationships.

Topics for group include: healthy relationships, communication, emotional intelligence,  choices, stress, anxiety, identity (the underlying theme is always self-esteem and  happiness)

Mentorship: Brightstone Transitions’ program model is based around the theory of Application through Independence. In addition to our coaching and mentoring model focused on Social, Vocational, Educational, and Life Skills, the women’s program has a heavy relational component. With staff mentorship in a safe environment, the women are empowered to practice healthy relational skills in real time. Staff mentors help them replicate healthy communication skills with their family members during weekly phone calls. They are coached through the process of maintaining positive relationships with their Brightstone peers at home or at social events. They are encouraged to establish new connections with their co-workers and fellow volunteers.

Our young ladies have plenty of love and kindness to give, it’s our job to help them see they deserve the same love and kindness in return. We want our young women to obtain the skills necessary for living independently and maintaining healthy relationships with others and with themselves. Brightstone Transition offers women the opportunity to build a greater sense of self-awareness, confidence, and self-love within themselves, and the skills to translate their confidence towards their long-term life and relationship goals.

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